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Shanghai, China.
Follow Me Int'l Exhibition (Shanghai), Inc.
Shanghai Follow Me Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Xuntai Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Solarcloud Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Shengshang Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Rm 905, No. 425 Yishan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China/ Rm 902,Hall 1, No 2020 West Zhongshan Road,Xuhui District, Shanghai, China
For exhibition:                      +86 21 64276991
For conference:                 +86 21 33683167 - 809/810
For exhibitor service:      +86 21 33685538 - 868
For cooperation:                   +86 21 33685117 - 888
Follow Me Int'l Exhibition USA Inc.
Add: 2055 Junction Ave., Suite 225, San Jose, CA 95131
Tel/Fax: +1.408.386.3373
Contact:  Ms. Yue Mi
Follow Me International Exhibition Limited
Add: 146 Robinson Road, #07-01, Singapore 068909
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